RDL200EZ Dixon Valve 2" 316 Stainless Steel EZ Boss-Lock Coupler x 150# Flange

  • $226.68
  • Designed for use with liquids.
  • Produced to Commercial Item Description A-A-59326D.
  • Buna-N gasket standard.
  • Flanges have a raised face.
  • No more fumbling with clamps, wire, clips or pins, just close the handles and the locking mechanism is engaged. No sliding pins to jam or pop open.
  • Extremely easy to open, the release lever is under your thumb when you want to open the fitting, ergonomic.
  • Resistant to accidental disconnection when being dragged. The release lever opens in the direction opposite to the cam arm, so movements that tend to open the release lever also tend to close the cam arm.
  • Rotating action helps keep the locking devise free of debris.
  • Designed to protect critical parts from impact and to withstand rugged use.
  • Note: If the rotating lever is not flush with the handle, it is not properly engaged.
  • Under no circumstances should cam and groove couplings be used for compressed air or steam service!
  • Pressure rating recommendations are based on the use of mating Dixon fittings at ambient temperature 70 deg. with a standard seal installed.
Part Number Size PSI Flange Thickness Weight (Lbs.)
RDL100EZ 1" 250 PSI 9/16" 3.4000
RDL150EZ 1-1/2" 250 PSI 11/16" 4.1000
RDL200EZ 2" 250 PSI 7/16" 4.7600
RDL300EZ 3" 125 PSI 7/16" 8.2000
RDL400EZ 4" 100 PSI 7/16" 15.1500
RDL600EZ 6" 75 PSI 1" 26.7900