V1502 Malta Dynamics High Visibility Yellow Field Vest - L

  • $4.79
  • High visibility safety vests are a required necessity in many of today's work environments. Whether you are on construction sites, in hazardous working areas, or along the roadsides across the country, there are plenty of distractions that draw attention away from your presence - placing you in harm's way. The attention of drivers, machine operators, or even your co-workers can be the difference between a safe work environment and a dangerous one. The Malta Dynamics Hi-Vis Safety Field Vest improves your ability to be seen with our vibrant, highly visible colors and contrasting reflective stripes. Our vest is ANSI compliant and is suitable for use during the daytime as well as in low light conditions. The breathable yet durable design makes it easy to wear, even in the hottest, harshest conditions. The zipper closure allows for easy on/off.
  • The Malta Dynamics Hi-Vis Safety Field Vest is an economical option for use in seaports, airports, and roadways. It's perfect for baggage handling, construction, demolition work, emergency and First Responders, landscaping, paving and road crews, police and traffic control, railroad, sanitation, security, surveyor and TSA.
  • ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Class 2 Standard of High-Visibility Apparel
  • Product Weight: 0.3 lbs.
  • Zipper Front Closure
  • Ultra-Cool Breathable Mesh Design
  • High Visibility Fluorescent Yellow
  • Reflective Strips
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