VR4050PL Dixon Valve 4" Nylon Vapor Cap

  • $30.16
  • To prevent contamination and fuel evaporation, tank adapters are capped when not in use.
  • Designed to fit fuel vapor adapters and truck mounted vapor valves.
  • Used to protect the vapor adapter, and prevent fuel contamination and tampering.
  • Aluminum Vapor Cap Features:
    • Special locking cap for underground tank vapor outlet, VR4086, and tanker vapor valves.
    • Bronze cam arms.
    • Aluminum painted vapor recovery orange.
  • Nylon Vapor Cap Features:
    • Centered 'T' handle allows for one-handed use and provides a solid locking mechanism.
    • Strong and lightweight.
    • Built-in locking feature.
    • Corrosion resistant materials.
    • Color coded vapor recovery orange.
Part Number Material Size Includes Weight (Lbs.)
VR4050AL Aluminum 4" Cap only 1.5700
VR4050PL Nylon 4" Cap only 1.1400
WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling.